Horizon Adult Medicine

915 W. 55th St., Suite 200
Western Springs, IL 60558

708-447-1177 office
708-447-9235 fax
Physicians and Professional Staff at this Practice Location
Nasreen Hamidani, M.D.
Professional Staff

Patient Information

New patients, please try to obtain copy of previous medical records.
All patients, please bring medication bottles of both prescribed and over the counter drugs.
If you are more than 15minutes late for your appointment, we will ask that your reschedule. Please give us the courtesy of canceling appointments 24 hours in advance.

Prescription refills: Call your Pharmacy and have them E-Scrip or fax refill to us. Please give us 48 hour notice.

Illness after hours

If there is a life threatening illness, please go to your nearest Emergency room. We prefer Adventist La Grange or Hinsdale Hospital. 24 hour answering services is available for urgent problems. Routine medication refill and appointment scheduling should be done during open office hours. We do have same day scheduling available for patient who are sick, call our office at 708-447-1177.


Immigration physicals
Department of Transportation physicals

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